Focusing on legal issues in both trial and appellate courts, including the handling of post trial motions, appeals and original proceedings.

I have practiced law in Texas for 27 years, and my practice emphasizes the following areas:

  •             PRE-TRIAL LEGAL SUPPORT including the handling of law-based motions, such as those addressing personal and subject-matter jurisdiction, venue, choice-of-law, and motions for summary judgment.   It also includes discovery and associated evidentiary issues, including mandamus proceedings involving discovery disputes, as well as motions pertaining to evidentiary matters (e.g., motions to exclude evidence), and expert qualification issues.
  •             TRIAL LEGAL SUPPORT including assisting trial counsel with preserving error during jury selection, the presentation of evidence, closing arguments, and receipt of the jury’s verdict. It also includes trial court briefing, including drafting trial briefs addressing legal issues that arise during trial.  Most significantly, it includes the preparation and argument of the jury charge.   The time immediately following the court’s decision, including its treatment of the jury verdict in a jury trial, is of critical importance to the further handling of the case and its presentation on appeal.
  •             APPEALS AND MANDAMUS PROCEEDINGS.  Appeals are the heart of my practice.  This includes serving as lead counsel on appeal, in all appellate proceedings in Texas state and federal civil courts.   If there are reasons for others to be serve as the lead appellate counsel, I am willing to provide advice and support as co-counsel.  Similarly, I also collaborate on briefs, and scrutinize and edit to improve form and substance, and anticipate bench questions and discuss the most effective answers to questions.

E-mail me with your particular issue or problem, and I would be pleased to evaluate it and see if I can help.